Moving to a new, empty apartment brings undeniable butterflies to our stomachs. Turning the keys and entering the apartment door marks the beginning of a new life phase. What’s more, the sky’s the limit to how you can decorate the space according to your style.

At the same time, different apartments will have different layouts. So when the apartment you’re moving to is a loft apartment, you have to be extra mindful. This is because most modern loft apartments have relatively less space. So if you don’t consider the layout well, you’ll end up with decor that feels stuffy and congested.

As you may know, most blogs like this share tips about apartment decoration. But for modern loft apartments, it would be more helpful to lay down the mistakes you need to avoid. Knowing these things will save you from massive headaches resulting from having the wrong decoration. So with that, read on below!


1. Resisting the Small Space

A common mistake loft apartment dwellers make is eyeballing the size of furniture when purchasing them. Another part of it is insisting that you must buy a piece of furniture even when you can do without it. 

The sooner you take all critical measurements of your apartment, the easier it is to plan which furniture goes where. It doesn’t mean you have to get extra small furnishings—the proportion is what matters.

Example: You can mount the TV on the wall instead of squeezing a media cabinet in your living room. The better choice between multiple single couches and a huge, comfy couch is the latter, as it would look more proportional. 

The bottom line is you have to have a clear picture of what’s proportional to guide you in decorating.


2. Using Dark Colors and Heavy Patterns

Aesthetically speaking, dark-colored accents exude a classy vibe. However, we know that dark colors don’t really blend well for smaller spaces like modern loft apartments. If you top off your furniture with a dark gray or black wall, it would feel extra cramped.

The same goes with excessively using heavy patterns—it can be overwhelming. The key to using patterns in small spaces is moderation and using them as a subtle accent.

That said, it’s best to opt for a light and bright color theme for your apartment. It would make the space feel larger than it is.


3. Underestimating Negative Spaces

It can be easy to fall into the thinking that you have to fill every foot of space up in your apartment. But that is not the case! Don’t be afraid to leave some spots on your wall and floor empty. Don’t try to fit every piece of artwork on your wall or squeeze in that small coffee table beside the sofa. 

Remember: it’s okay to have negative space. It’s actually a way to prevent your home from feeling cramped. It also gives your eyes a break from the visual picture of all your other belongings.


4. Not Giving Way for Proper Lighting

The lighting plays a critical role in the overall feel of your home. However, it is something most loft apartment dwellers overlook. Most people settle with installing a standard light bulb that makes the space dull and bland.

For loft apartments, it would be best to layer the lighting in your space. You can try a combination of accent, task, and overhead lighting for variety. 

Also, while heavy blackout drapes are undeniably cool, you may need to give it up. These heavy curtains further shrink a small space. Opting for lighter, flowy drapes can give way to natural light during the day and make rooms feel brighter.
Corner shelf in loft apartment

5. Not Taking Advantage of Corners

Chances are you have plenty of corner spaces to work with in your apartment. Corners are easy to overlook for bigger homes, but with loft apartments? They are a saving grace. When used properly, the corner spaces in your house can help make it seem more organized and open.

The best way to use corner spaces is by placing a perfectly fit shelf. That way, you have a dedicated spot for storing or displaying items while freeing up the floor and cabinets.

Still, a word of caution: don’t get so obsessed with filling every corner. It’s okay to leave a corner space open to not make rooms feel more constricted than they are. As with everything—the key is balance.


6. Using Single-Purpose Furniture

Why buy furniture that you can use only for a single purpose if you can instead opt for multi-purpose furniture? We can’t just stress enough how useful multi-purpose furniture is for loft apartments. It is a clever way to increase storage space while being able to enjoy their varying purposes. 

One example of this is a bed that can also function as a couch. You can also opt for chairs that come with extra storage inside. These extra storages help you maximize the square footage of your apartment and get the most out of your space.


7. Over-Breaking Spaces 

Since loft apartments have open space, it can be tempting to put up several dividers to create room for privacy. However, you want to be very careful with this. If not planned properly, you can visually break up your space and make rooms feel compartmentalized.

It’s also crucial to be careful with paint strategies and rug placements. You can help your apartment feel bigger by visually connecting rooms using a uniform color palette and style. It would help combat a visually tight appearance and make the space flow seamlessly.


8. Not Maximizing Available Storage Space Intelligently

Maximizing storage is key to making the most out of loft apartments. Fortunately, there are endless storage space ideas you can consider.

If you have a small kitchen space, it’s best to utilize cabinets to hide kitchenware instead of displaying them. The same goes with installing a cabinet on your bathroom wall instead of hanging an art space on an empty space.

It’s also best to take advantage of vertical spaces to save floor space so that you can have enough storage. In addition, it helps you maximize every room’s functionality without making it look overwhelming.


Creativity is Key

Decorating modern loft apartments requires a lot of creativity. While this type of housing is becoming more and more popular, these mistakes are still very common. We hope this guide can save you from learning the hard way in decorating your loft apartment. Good luck!