We’ve all been through this—you distinctly remember tidying up your room a few days ago. However, for some unknown reason, it’s now a mess again! Clothes all over the floor, dirty dishes on your work table, empty bottles of soda on your dresser—a total disaster. How did this happen?

When your room looks like a hurricane wreaked havoc upon it, cleaning up may be a daunting task. You’ve been guilty of putting off general cleaning for weeks because you think it would take you a few hours. Our busy lifestyles simply will not allow that! So now that the clutter in your bedroom has taken up all of your floor space, where do you begin?

At the end of the day, we all want to come home to a bedroom that’s clean and comfortable. We cannot endure the mess forever! We all need a bedroom cleaning routine that works—and doesn’t take the whole day to accomplish. 

If you’re looking for an ultimate guide to sprucing up your bedroom, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for six bedroom cleaning tips that work. Tidying up is neither as intimidating nor difficult as you think! Before you know it, your St. Joseph apartments’ bedroom will be spick and span.


1. Always Have Large Trash Bags in Stock

Want to clean up your room but do not know where to start? Well, we have a tip for you: begin your cleaning routine by throwing away accumulated trash. Get a large trash bag and place everything you need to throw away inside! Old receipts, online shopping parcel packaging, food containers from last night’s takeout—out of your room, into the trash bag. Make sure to segregate your trash for easier disposal!


2. Put Things Where They Belong

Our bedroom is the part of the house where we stay most of the time. Thus, it is totally normal for random things to accumulate in your bedroom. We understand that it’s convenient to have everything within your reach. However, if you don’t act now, your whole house may get inside your bedroom without you even realizing it. Yikes!

Why do you have a huge bottle of conditioner on your side table? It’s time to put it back in the bathroom where it belongs. Return all plates, silverware, and mugs to the kitchen. Do you need 10 books inside, or should you pick one and return the others to the living room bookshelf? These are questions you should ask yourself when trying to declutter your bedroom.

To prevent accumulation from happening in the future, keep this motto in mind: Don’t put it down, put it away. Practice putting items into their rightful place so that you won’t have to clean up after yourself.


3. Make It a Habit to Make Your Bed

When we were younger, our moms repeatedly told us to make our bed every morning. In response to that, we would retaliate. Why do we have to make the bed when we would eventually have to ruin it at night? Now, as adults, we know the answer: an unmade bed is simply an eyesore.

To make your bed, first spray a deodorizer all over your mattress, sheets, blankets, and pillows. Next, straighten your mattress pad and stretch your fitted sheet back into place. Go around your bed and make sure to tuck your sheets tightly into the bed frame. Finally, straighten your blankets, fluff your pillows, and spray your favorite linen perfume—and now your bed’s fresh and clean!

Moreover, you may want to start making your bed every morning. Try making it the first thing you do upon waking up instead of scrolling through social media. At first, it may take you quite some time to tidy up as you are still getting used to the task. However, with practice, making your bed may not take you even five minutes. 


4. Donate or Sell Things You’ve Outgrown

As we grow older, our tastes, hobbies, and interests change. If you’ve had your bedroom for more than a year, chances are there are things with you that you do not even use anymore. According to the KonMari Method by Marie Kondo, you must get rid of things that do not spark joy. 

Before getting rid of your items, sincerely thank them for serving their purpose in the past. Then, you can start organizing them into donations or selling piles. Look for old trinkets, accessories, clothes, or even books that do not serve you anymore.


Woman wiping down and disinfecting table top in bedroom


5. Wipe Down All Surfaces of Your Bedroom

Unfortunately, the world is still in the middle of a global coronavirus pandemic. Thus, it is best practice to routinely wipe down all surfaces of your bedroom with disinfectant wipes. That way, you can ensure that your bedroom is free of all germs and viruses. Focus on areas that you often touch, such as door and cabinet handles, tabletops, and other surfaces.

Moreover, wiping down surfaces in your bedroom will help minimize dust. If you have allergies or asthma, dust may be a primary trigger for your allergic reactions. Since you will be staying in your bedroom most of the time, keeping it safe for your health is crucial.


6. Invest in a Trusty Vacuum Cleaner

If you live a busy and fast-paced lifestyle, you may no longer have the time to sweep your St. Joseph apartments. Sweeping the floor may be too tedious and time-consuming for you. To ensure that your floors remain clean without the extra effort, you may instead want to spend some money on a decent vacuum cleaner.


There are more than enough vacuum cleaner brands in the market for you to choose from based on your needs. You may look for vacuum cleaners in the nearest appliance store, or you may choose to shop online. 


The Takeaway

We hope these seven cleaning tips were value-adding to your housekeeping journey! Keep these hacks in mind to keep your bedroom clean and liveable. After all, we all deserve to live in a clean and liveable bedroom! If these six tricks are not enough for you, you may want to check these tips for more in-depth bedroom cleaning hacks. Good luck with your bedroom cleaning journey!