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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Loft Apartment

Moving to a new, empty apartment brings undeniable butterflies to our stomachs. Turning the keys and entering the apartment door marks the beginning of a new life phase. What’s more, the sky’s the limit to how you can decorate the space according to your style. At the same time, different apartments will have different layouts. So when the apartment you’re moving to is a loft [...]

Spruce Up Your Bedroom with These 6 Cleaning Tips

We’ve all been through this—you distinctly remember tidying up your room a few days ago. However, for some unknown reason, it’s now a mess again! Clothes all over the floor, dirty dishes on your work table, empty bottles of soda on your dresser—a total disaster. How did this happen? When your room looks like a hurricane wreaked havoc upon it, cleaning up may be a [...]

10 Smart Ways To Make Your Apartment Eco-Friendly

Green living in St. Joe apartments can be a challenge. Especially if you’re a renter, there are many things that apartment renters cannot do. For example, most landlords will not tolerate installing a 240 Volt charging port for an electric car. Solar panels and greywater systems are also completely out of the question. But still, there are many ways that you can make your apartment [...]

5 Tips for Creating a Rustic Vibe in Your Saint Joe Apartment

Saint Joseph is a city located on the Missouri River. It also has plenty of parks. If you’re a fan of the geography of this amazing city, then we’ve got good news for you. You can extend that outdoor beauty into your apartment as well! To create a rustic vibe, it really helps to live in a rustic setting, and thankfully there are many Saint [...]

5 Apartment Essentials You’ll Need in Your new Apartment in St. Joe

Moving to one of the best apartments in St. Joe, Mo, is one of the best feelings you will probably ever feel in your young adult life. It’s both exciting and surreal to actually sign the lease, pay the rent fee, and finally move your things into your own place.  What’s more fun is that you will get to decorate your new home and bring [...]

17 Tips for Maximizing Your Loft Apartment Living Room

It may sound unorthodox, but many people living in lofts in St. Joseph, MO prefer decorating small living rooms rather than larger ones. There's definitely a thrilling aspect to decorating a smaller room –probably thanks to the challenge of getting creative enough to do it. Of course, you won't do a perfect job decorating it the first time, but when a small room is decorated [...]

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