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4 Tips for Creating the Ideal WFH Space in Your Loft

When the COVID-19 pandemic began and everyone started working from home, no one was really sure what to do. Zoom calls were taken from beds and kitchen tables, office supplies became whatever you could cobble together from your childrens' neglected backpacks, and trying to find a space where you could work was next to impossible.  Now, three years after the pandemic began, more people are [...]

5 Ways You Can Prioritize Your Health Once You Move to a New City

When you move to a new city, especially if that new city is in a brand new state, you might push your health toward the wayside in order to focus on other things. What you should consider, however, is that there is nothing more important than your health, and prioritizing your health in your new location is one of the most important things you can [...]

4 Key Tips to Know When Downsizing From a House to an Apartment

There can be many different reasons why you decide to downsize from a home to an apartment. You might be moving to a new city where owning a house isn't as feasible anymore, or you might be an empty nester who no longer needs as much room for a full family. You might have even realized that having a house is just too much space [...]

The Best Home Decor Trends to Look Forward To In 2023

Over the years, design trends and themes change. Forty years ago, the dark wood paneling that is so prevalent in many grandparents' homes was the peak of home decor. Twenty years ago, it was considered okay to put carpet in the bathroom. Ten years ago, shiplap took the world by storm as we watched Chip and Joanna Gaines add it into every single house they [...]

5 Must Know Tips and Tricks for Overhauling Your Bedroom Wardrobe

When you're living in a small apartment, making the most of the space that you have is wildly important. Your room is small, your closets are small, and your storage space is minimal at best. This is why keeping your closet clean and organized is imperative - where else are you going to put your things?  However, we understand how difficult it can be to [...]

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5 Great Ideas for Hosting a the Perfect New Year’s Eve Party

Ringing in the New Year is always fun if you've got friends and family to spend that time with! Plus, nothing says "Happy New Year!" like planning a party for your friends and loved ones to get together and bring in the New Year all together.  However, there's a catch: hosting a party is a lot of work! There's a lot of planning, cleaning, [...]

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