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5 Apartment Essentials You’ll Need in Your new Apartment in St. Joe

Moving to one of the best apartments in St. Joe, Mo, is one of the best feelings you will probably ever feel in your young adult life. It’s both exciting and surreal to actually sign the lease, pay the rent fee, and finally move your things into your own place.  What’s more fun is that you will get to decorate your new home and bring [...]

17 Tips for Maximizing Your Loft Apartment Living Room

It may sound unorthodox, but many people living in lofts in St. Joseph, MO prefer decorating small living rooms rather than larger ones. There's definitely a thrilling aspect to decorating a smaller room –probably thanks to the challenge of getting creative enough to do it. Of course, you won't do a perfect job decorating it the first time, but when a small room is decorated [...]

How to Make the Most of Your Downtown Apartment Space

If you're a renter, then don't lose heart! You can still put your personality on full display in your new downtown loft apartment. These ideas for downtown loft apartments will show you how to add some nice personal touches to your living space. We will also dive into some interesting new design themes. By the end, you'll be able to decorate a space that will [...]

10 Ways to Incorporate Hygge Into Your Loft Apartment

What if your home was warm and cozy all year round? Don’t worry, hygge’s got your back! This style is popular with downtown loft apartments and is all about evoking feelings of wellness and contentment.   What Is Hygge? Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that describes a mood of coziness. It’s pronounced “hoo-gah,” and it’s all about enhancing your wellness and contentment in [...]

10 Ways to Amplify and Organize Your Laundry Space

Are you struggling to keep your laundry space clutter-free and organized? We often neglect this place and treat it as a dumping site. Sometimes, all it takes is to create an organizing system that fits your lifestyle. Keep in mind that each part of the house deserves to be cleaned and organized correctly. After taking time with this area, you will be surprised by the [...]

How to Set Up Your Home Office in Your Loft Style Apartment

The current pandemic has forced many employees to shift into a work-from-home setting to maintain health protocols and prevent contamination from other possible virus carriers. This new work setting has been quite difficult and stressful for some employees. Their home, which used to be a place of comfort, is now a part of their work-life, and this has caused increased stress. Still, employees are forced [...]

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