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8 Tips For Decorating Your Loft Style Apartment on a Budget

A loft-style apartment is one of the most ideal living spaces nowadays. Not only does it provide an open and flexible floor plan, but it also looks stylish and contemporary. With the vast area and high ceiling, there is more room for decoration and redesigning. Most people think that decorating a home is quite expensive. But has it ever crossed your mind that you can [...]

5 Reasons You’ll Love Apartment Living in St. Joe

When talking about the best places to live, St. Joseph, Missouri, is easily one of the top choices for many people. The Pony Express region of the northwest offers a cool and quiet environment with a suburban feel.  Despite that, the city still thrives on research and technology and the commercial industry that creates a whopping employment rate. There’s also no shortage of excellent universities, [...]

10 Tips for Decorating your Downtown Apartment

It’s common knowledge that décor has the power to lift one’s mood and even bring new life into your apartment. Your choice of décor can also maximize the value of your space in numerous ways. A lot of it depends on your choice of artists, color palette, and art medium that you select for your apartment. Take a hint from your closet. That will give [...]

Fun Things to Do When You Live in Downtown St Joe

Are you thinking about living in St Joseph, Missouri? Living in St. Joseph offers many things to do for those who love adventure and exploration. Especially in the downtown area, where you can easily access many of the best places that St. Joseph has to offer. There are also many St. Joe apartments in the downtown area. The city of St. Joseph, or St. Joe [...]

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How to Set Up Your New Loft Apartment

Upon finding the best loft apartments for rent, you need to figure out the right way to set up your new apartment. Thankfully, setting up a new loft apartment is not as difficult as you may think if you’re appropriately organized, and you know what you’re doing. Thankfully, you can use a multitude of methods when you rent a new loft apartment and want to [...]

12 Helpful Tips for Organizing Your Loft Style Apartment

So you finally found the perfect loft style apartment in the downtown area and you can’t wait to decorate it. While you have a good amount of space, you are still worried about it looking too cluttered and want to make sure that you keep things organized. Make the most of your loft style apartment with these fun and helpful organization tips!    1. Minimize [...]

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