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5 Apartment Hunting Red Flags That You Need to Be Aware Of

If you're brand new to the apartment hunting game or just don't have a lot of experience in general, trying to find the perfect apartment is an almost impossible task. You'll see apartment advertisements everywhere, preaching about low budget apartments with zero credit checks.  While this might be the ideal situation on the surface, things that look too good to be true often are. You [...]

The Best Summer Activities to Check Out Near Our St. Joseph Apartments

Whether you're headed out on vacation or are just looking for some interesting sights to see in your new hometown, you need to do a bit of research to help you figure out where to go! All over the country there are hundreds of cool museums, parks, festivals and other spots that give a bit more spark to an area that people may otherwise consider [...]

7 Bathroom Storage Ideas To Help You Maximize Your Space

Choosing to live in modern loft apartments can bring both advantages and disadvantages. Loft apartments are beautiful structures steeped in history and transformed in a way to bring them to use in the modern era. With their industrial-style aesthetics, high ceilings, and exposed fixtures, modern loft apartments give you a peek into the past while keeping a foot into the future.  One of the cons [...]

Apartment Gardening 101: 7 Key Tips to Help You Get Started

Whether or not you realize it, having a small indoor garden in your apartment can be extremely beneficial for you. Having an apartment garden adds a bright pop of color that is much needed in a small space like an apartment.  Gardening doesn't only have to be for people with a green thumb, though. Anyone can start an apartment garden without care and attention to [...]

Adding a New Puppy to Your Home? 3 Things You Need to Know First

Deciding to get a new family pet - especially a puppy - is an exciting time in everyone's lives. Pets so quickly and easily worm their way into our hearts and become another member of the family with their sweet dispositions and hearts full of love. Training a puppy, though, especially when you live in an apartment building, can be a bit difficult.  This shouldn't [...]

Throw a Spectacular Apartment Warming Party With These 6 Tips

It's something to be celebrated when you move into a new home, whether that's a house or an apartment. After all, it doesn't matter where you decide to live, as long as you know you'll be happy, healthy, and safe doing so! That's why having housewarming - or apartment warming - parties are so exciting, especially if this is the first time that you'll be [...]

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