It may sound unorthodox, but many people living in lofts in St. Joseph, MO prefer decorating small living rooms rather than larger ones. There’s definitely a thrilling aspect to decorating a smaller room –probably thanks to the challenge of getting creative enough to do it. Of course, you won’t do a perfect job decorating it the first time, but when a small room is decorated appropriately, it can appear quite stylish indeed (just look at tiny bathrooms). Even if there’s not as much space, there’s no need to compromise on your own personal tastes either. We’ve got the goods for you here with these small living room decorating ideas that will also work great for lofts in St. Joseph, MO.


1. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

Don’t be scared to take risks with styling. If you want to go with a brand new look, then go for it and make adjustments as needed.


2. Ensure That All Furniture Will Fit

The furniture should fit through your front door. Don’t forget about the elevator and stairs as well. If it can’t fit in these places, chances are it won’t fit very well in your studio either.


3. Minimize

When it comes to minimalism, the secret is to discover your style, go all-in on it, and then adjust things afterward. Minimalism is a mindset and way of life that can be especially advantageous for those with chaotic and busy schedules. Being minimalistic can help keep things more organized, and it works very well in smaller places.


4. Declutter

If you love having lots of stuff and think that “less is more” is overrated, then it’s a good idea to at least organize your clutter. That way, your clutter will look more cohesive. You can do this by organizing your stuff into vignettes and grouping similar items together.


5. Assess and Adjust

Make sure that all the stuff in your living room harmonizes and goes well together. This requires constant curation and careful adjustments. For example, after each design stage, take a step back and assess it completely, especially when it comes to contrast and balance.


6. Consider Removable Wallpaper

There’s no need for painting when you can just use removable wallpaper. Painting can be inconvenient or impossible for renters, while removable wallpaper won’t leave any damages or put your security deposit in jeopardy. As for design, you could just put it on an accent wall or cover the entire room if you like. Your room space and texture will look layered and stylish.


7. Maximize Your Space With the Color White

When it comes to your walls and ceiling, many experts do recommend the color white alongside a neutral color palette. This color can make your room look larger than it is and brighter as well. If you aren’t a big fan of a washed-out look, then you can add some sprinkles of color via accessories, art pieces, and soft furnishings.


8. Gray Can Be Great

If you want to forget about white entirely, choose gray instead. It’s an excellent neutral color with undertones that are suitable for most lofts in St. Joseph, MO.


9. Layers Are Lovely

When we say layers, we are referring to layers of various styles, furniture, and décor. The right mix can make any place feel more cozy. Done right, it can also look really stylish. You can’t go wrong by filling your room with all the things that you love.


10. Use Furniture With Multiple Functions

If you’re living in one of the smaller lofts in St. Joseph, MO. then it’s a smart idea to buy as many multifunctional pieces of furniture as possible. For instance, you could make an ottoman serve 2 purposes by putting a tray on it to also use it as a coffee table when you don’t require it as a chair.

Woman with cup of coffee in hand, sitting on living room couch reading a book


11. Consider a Different Kind of Sofa

There are sofas that have legs but no upholstery at the bottom. It will make any smaller living room appear more open. It will definitely have a huge effect on making a space look bigger than it really is, thus maximizing your loft apartment living room to the fullest.


12. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

There’s a reason why this expression is so popular. You can almost never go wrong with mirrors. You could even use mirror panels across your entire wall. That would effectively double your room size, creating quite the optical illusion indeed.


13. You Can’t Go Wrong With Neutrals

Natural and neutral colors and hues are the best for novice decorators who are afraid of making mistakes when decorating a smaller-sized living room. It carries over to everything, including furniture. Furniture that looks light or blends in with the background can be excellent choices for this color scheme. Acrylic and glass pieces fit this style nicely.


14. Bold Colors Can Work Also

If you just love being colorful with your decorating, then you’re in luck. There’s definitely a way this can be done in smaller living rooms. Going darker is your best bet. Take a look at Sherwin-Williams Charcoal Blue, Clare Prince, and Benjamin Moore Black Beauty for inspiration on dark paint colours.


15. It’s Time to Narrow Things Down (Literally)

When you choose to opt for bigger furniture, you should try to choose ones that have a sleeker outline. Think sofas with lower and more narrow shapes with thinner arms. Chairs should follow this line of thought, too. Glass top tables also look great in smaller spaces.


16. Choosing Between Size and Variety

It’s difficult to have both size and variety in a smaller-sized living room. The pros and cons are subjective, but here are a few that make sense to us. Smaller furniture is better if you would like the ability to have all of the stuff you like in the room. Bigger can be better, though, if you prioritize style and comfort over variety.


17. Do Get a Big Sofa

If there’s one thing you should go big on, however, it’s the sofa. You should buy the biggest possible sofa that will still fit in your space. After all, that’s likely the place you’ll spend the most time lounging on.