A loft-style apartment is one of the most ideal living spaces nowadays. Not only does it provide an open and flexible floor plan, but it also looks stylish and contemporary. With the vast area and high ceiling, there is more room for decoration and redesigning.

Most people think that decorating a home is quite expensive. But has it ever crossed your mind that you can design a loft-style apartment even on a budget? Here are our eight tips for decorating your home.


1. Wall Painting or Wallpaper Installation

One of the easiest ways to transform a living space is to set the mood by painting the walls. It can make an appealing impact on the house and visually separate the areas through the colors. As a tip, look for the color scheme that suits your home designs and the place’s mood.

If you want a calming mood, you might opt to go for a light bluish to greenish color. If you want to create a vibrant spirit, go for bright hues such as red, yellow, and cyan.

Another way to make the loft-style apartment stand out without hurting your wallet is to install an accent wallpaper. You can create a bold statement by integrating textured or patterned wallpaper.


2. Illusion Through Mirrors

The practical use of a mirror is to check yourself while you are preparing or before going out. However, it can also be utilized to amplify light and create reflections. Plus, it gives an illusion of space looking wider. Isn’t it interesting how mirrors can create magic for your loft-style apartment?


Well, you can also make use of your mirror as a focal point of the space. And just like paintings, a mirror can serve as decorative art on your wall. Various mirror designs can complement your home. Getting the right mirror shape and style can make a big difference.


3. Strategic Floating Shelves

For additional storage and visual interest, installing floating shelves is the key. It also offers versatility because it comes in various shapes, sizes, and designs.

If you have a dead space in your loft-style apartment, you can place a shelf where you can display books, plants, and art pieces. It also works as a reading nook where you can easily access your favorite books.

On top of that, it looks good in the media room or vanity area because you can install LED lights under the shelves. You can also incorporate floating shelves in your kitchen to display your elegant utensils and equipment.


4. Incorporate Light Decoration

With the high-ceiling, you want to use light fixtures to brighten the living space. It can also create an aesthetic impact. There are different surface-mounted lighting systems that you can incorporate into your home, such as ceiling-mounted, track-mounted, and wall-mounted. 

While you are at home watching Netflix or working, the light decorations make the house cozy. Carefully think about the material, light distribution, and style of the light fixture.

Cute and colorful accent, gallery wall in apartment


5. Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls work not only as a display but also show the homeowner’s personality. It can include artwork or a collection of personal photographs.

Here are some of the best wall gallery ideas you can try:

  •     Cohesive Design
  •     Neutral Look
  •     Symmetrical
  •     Asymmetrical
  •     Singular Canvas

 The wall space is the perfect place to showcase your collection of art canvas, posters, tapestries, and images. But make sure to consider the frames, color palette, and styles before integrating a gallery wall.


6. Add Versatile Furniture

As you design your home, one of the top priorities is functionality. Although a loft-style apartment is an open area and is bigger than a studio, you still need to maximize the space.

There are various multifunctional furniture you can choose from depending on your needs. You might like a sofa bed that can transform quickly or a sofa that has storage under it. If you have an office at home, you can optimize your work area by adding storage above your computer.

In a small dwelling, each square foot is essential. As much as possible, make use of the wall and floor space and multipurpose fixtures. Plus, it is more cost-efficient to buy one item that serves various functions.


7. Integrate a Smart Divider or Partition

Innovative dividers or partitions serve as a passage of light and define the space. By installing them, you can visually separate the living room from a dining room and kitchen.

A wire mesh, bronze plates, wooden boxes, and a screen can work as a separator. You can also utilize a bookshelf, plant divider, and curtain. These strategies are cost-effective, can break the space, and add style.


8. Creative Ladder or Stairs

Since you live in a loft apartment, it is a must to have a ladder or stairs. It should also ensure your safety in climbing and should be space-saving.

The stairs provide easy access to your loft, but it takes more floor area. In contrast, a ladder is efficient in space but requires a challenging way of climbing. Both have their pros and cons, and you can choose depending on your preference.

There are variations of stairs and ladders which can suit the theme and vibe of your house. Some offer additional storage, while some are movable. It can be as fancy and creative as you want.



Our home should be our safe haven, where we can relax and enjoy ourselves. A small dwelling should not be dull, so make sure to install accent designs into your house to make it more visually appealing. 

Envision the design and theme you want for your apartment before taking action. By integrating the ideas mentioned above, you can turn your simple apartment into a modern and elegant space for you. It doesn’t need to be costly.

It would help if you also consider the functionality because every inch matters. With all the space-saving furniture and decorations you can choose from, more pieces can fit your loft-style apartment.