It’s common knowledge that décor has the power to lift one’s mood and even bring new life into your apartment. Your choice of décor can also maximize the value of your space in numerous ways. A lot of it depends on your choice of artists, color palette, and art medium that you select for your apartment.

Take a hint from your closet. That will give you some excellent ideas for apartment décor. Like your wardrobe, the décor for your apartment (and art collection) should always be kept updated and continuously evaluated.

We all have our favorite pieces. But if you’re considering the trend focal points, the artwork in your apartment should reflect the seasons as well.

With an artistic touch, your apartment décor will shine. In the end, the way you decorate your apartment is an expression of who you are as a person. Many downtown apartments for rent come as blank slates. So, with that in mind, here are the best ways to get started:


Essential Tips for Decorating Your Downtown Apartment

There are some essential tips for making the most of your apartment that every new renter or owner should know:

  •         Dress to impress also applies to your apartment – decorate to impress.
  •         Make the most of the square footage you have.
  •         Make the bedroom just right for you.
  •         Take advantage of the layout of your apartment.
  •         Create a Design Theme.


 1. Décor to Impress

Downtown apartments for rent just beg for impressive décor. If you’re moving into a smaller apartment, you should try and maximize the available space. For instance, if you have a big blank wall, you can add many cool art pieces/modern design elements. An excellent place for these is behind the couch. That will look impressive for sure.

Don’t forget the importance of colors – work with different color combinations in the same family to make your space look more cohesive.

However, when it comes to your focal space, try not to go overboard. You can have fun with it, but you won’t want it to be overwhelming either, especially if you’re going to be living in a smaller apartment.


 2. Make the Most of Every Square Foot

Most design ideas for apartments can work regardless of the size of the space. But, size still matters when it comes to picking out décor and furnishings.

And if you are looking for downtown apartments for rent to downsize your living space, then it might be a great time to pick out a select few things that will bring you much joy in your new space. This is the opportunity to toss out the clutter and only keep the things that serve a purpose or that you absolutely love.


 3. Make Your Bedroom Perfect for You

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary – a place that you can relax and unwind after a long day. It should also bring you a sense of calm.

Therefore, the décor in your bedroom should bring out all of these things in you. Incorporate items that make it feel as homely as possible. Whether it’s your favorite piece of art, a familiar scented candle, or a comfortable rug for your feet when you climb out of bed (even if the surrounding area is already carpeted).


 4. Utilize the Layout of Your Apartment

Don’t feel angry or resentful about your apartment layout – it’s not your enemy. Look at it as a challenge for becoming more creative and skilled with designing and maximizing your interior space.

Even if the space seems awkwardly shaped, you can turn those unique features into an advantage. A bump-out wall could be turned into a wall for your best art pieces or a place for important keepsakes that you want to show off.

If your living area is smaller, but there’s a balcony included, then you might want to add some outdoor seating. It depends on the weather in your area, but your guests will definitely enjoy it!


Neutral colored apartment decor


Stylistic Tips (Create a Design Theme)

Here we get into the nitty-gritty details for creating your dream downtown apartment!


 5. How to Find New Décor

Incorporate discovering the latest trends along with new décor into your routine every week. Popular blogs are a great place to begin, along with Pinterest and Instagram.

You can also find shopping channels, décor enthusiasts, and influencers who sell décor themselves or can point you in the right direction to buy what you want. A good Instagram channel for inspiration is Space Studios. Their page highlights high-quality artwork that’s also affordable from amazing artists.


 6. Selecting Art Mediums

When choosing art mediums for your downtown apartment, there is no “correct” way it should be done. You have a lot of freedom to mix and match your best pieces to create a look that fits your unique style.


 7. Play With Palettes

By play, we mean, be colorful! Rely on instinct when it comes to choosing your color palette. Firstly think about the way that a particular color scheme makes you feel.

You can opt for more than a single palette for each room – or choose a specific aesthetic for each one. If you aren’t sure how to begin, here are some ideas that will never go out of style:

 8. Keep the Walls Neutral and Add a Splash of Color 

Neutral walls are a safe bet, along with some splashes of color in different parts of your apartment. You can use a colorful trim or go with vibrant, geometric rugs along with some lovely window treatments to get just the right look.


 9. Creamy Colors Give Warmth

Warm and creamy colors can fill you with comfort during any season. If repainting or replacing old furniture isn’t an option, then you can always throw in some of the following cream-colored furniture:

  •         cream-colored bedding
  •         throw blankets
  •         pillows
  •         rugs to create a luxurious vibe that’s rooted in comfort.

 10. Go Monochromatic!

A monochromatic palette can take your favorite color to the next level. Experiment with various blue, red, or black shades to create a powerful wave of color throughout your apartment.