Moving to one of the best apartments in St. Joe, Mo, is one of the best feelings you will probably ever feel in your young adult life. It’s both exciting and surreal to actually sign the lease, pay the rent fee, and finally move your things into your own place. 

What’s more fun is that you will get to decorate your new home and bring your own style into it! Finally, you can now put your Pinterest-inspired apartment design into reality.

But before splurging on plant decors and wall paintings, you should first prioritize the essential apartment “must-haves” before buying the “nice-to-haves.” You need to make sure that you have these items BEFORE you move into your new place, whether it’s brand new or a hand-me-down.

So, here is a condensed list of household items that you need to have in your new apartment for the sake of functionality, comfort, and ease. Of course, we made it much easier by listing the essentials room by room!


1. Kitchenware

Some apartments come furnished with basic appliances or items, like a stove or a dishwasher. But it’s unlikely that it will have a set of utensils and plates handy. So unless you plan on eating takeout every night, then you better bring your kitchen essentials or save up to buy some.

Here’s a checklist on what essential kitchenware items you need to have in your apartment:

  • Set of dishes, pairs of flatware, drinking glasses, and mugs.
  • Food storage containers
  • Cooking utensils (spatula, large spoon), pots, pans, and knives
  • Dish rack and dish drying rack
  • Garbage can
  • Small kitchen appliances that you really need, such as a coffee maker and toaster.

You don’t have to buy every piece of cooking or baking utensil if you’re not much of a cook. Just stick with the basics, the things that jive with your level of cooking ability. 

Also, none of these items need to be of top quality. Consider your budget and buy items from affordable warehouses and stores. You can even recycle ones that used to belong to your relatives or friends.

In addition, it’s okay to put off buying fancy dinner tables and chairs for now. Instead, you can opt for a simple stool or just eat dinner on the sofa temporarily.


2. Bedroom Essentials

People spend much of their time in their bedroom, probably including you. So it would make sense to splurge just a little bit in buying furniture that would make you comfortable. Case in point: a good and quality mattress.

If a mattress can’t make it into your budget, then you can also opt for a futon or air mattress for now so that you can sleep comfortably. Then, you can also invest in at least one set of sheets with a comforter and pillowcase. You can settle for one or two pillows for now.

After buying or acquiring the bedroom essentials mentioned above, you can then opt to get some of these items later on to make your room a cozy sanctuary.

  • Throw pillows
  • Duvet and duvet cover
  • Another pair of sheets
  • Clothes hangers
  • Nightstand and dresser or any clothing storage
  • Lamp
  • Laundry hamper

As you increase your budget, you can then have the option to buy some room decor, change the wallpaper, and make your new apartments in St. Joe, Mo, truly yours!


Bathroom vanity and shower in American Electric Loft apartments in St. Joe, MO


3. Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom necessities won’t be as costly compared to the essentials needed for the other spaces in your apartment. Aside from your basic toiletries, you just need a few things to make your bathroom pleasing, functional, and organized. This includes:

  • Bath towels (at least two) and hand or face towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Soap
  • Wall hook, storage, or a holder
  • Bathmat
  • Small trash bin
  • If necessary, you can also add a shower curtain, toilet plunger, and toilet brush.

Pack these items together with your toiletries so you can easily find them as you get ready to shower after a long day of moving boxes. 


4. Living Space 

The next stop is your living space, where you’ll be entertaining your guests, doing some late-night work, or just catching up on the latest episode of your favorite series. 

The living space is where the big furniture and costly appliances usually end up. But remember this: you can put off furnishing your living space until such time that you have enough budget for it. 

Yes, furniture is essential, but you can surely survive for a few nights without a TV, right? Some of the items that you do need to have in your living space once you move in include:

  • A comfy sofa or couch
  • Coffee table
  • A floor lamp if you need more lighting

Other furniture and appliances that you can buy later on after saving up some money include a TV and stand, sound system, plants, decorations, artworks, throw pillows, and a seating option that suits your style.


5. Cleaning Supplies and Essential Tools

It’s best to clean the apartment a day or two before moving in to avoid taking up too much work on your moving day. 

However, you’ll still need to stock up on basic cleaning essentials as you move in since you’re bound to make some mess as you unpack your stuff. Plus, if you decide to hire a moving company, then there will be a lot of outdoor dirt going in and out of your new apartment. 

To be safe, pack up some basic cleaning necessities, such as:

  • Vacuum cleaner (if you need one) or a dustpan and broom
  • Paper towels or a multi-purpose cloth and a sponge
  • Trash bags
  • Dish soap, toilet cleaner, and a surface cleaner. You can also opt for a DIY surface cleaner by mixing white vinegar with water.

Besides cleaning supplies, you also need to have some home tools handy as you move in. Most apartments in St. Joe, Mo already have cabinets, drawers, and shelves in place, but you’ll surely need a pair of scissors and duct tape during unpacking. 

Additionally, you can pack up an extension cord, a screwdriver, and a light bulb just in case.