Choosing to live in modern loft apartments can bring both advantages and disadvantages. Loft apartments are beautiful structures steeped in history and transformed in a way to bring them to use in the modern era. With their industrial-style aesthetics, high ceilings, and exposed fixtures, modern loft apartments give you a peek into the past while keeping a foot into the future. 

One of the cons about a loft apartment, though, is the fact that loft buildings were never intended to be used as apartments. Originally designed as warehouses, these buildings were retrofitted with the furnishings and other necessities required to give the space a more modern, homey feeling. As a result, sometimes loft apartments can have smaller spaces, awkward corners, and not much storage. 

This is especially true in the bathroom. Even in typical apartments, the bathroom area can often be overlooked in favor of adding other features throughout the apartment. If you’re struggling to find good storage solutions for the bathroom in your loft-style apartment, here are some tips to try: 


1. Use hooks for things other than towels. 

Hooks can provide incredible storage space, even for items that you wouldn’t typically consider using a hook for. Consider hanging some of your electronics on hooks like a hairdryer or your curling iron. Make a little loop with the cord and, when it’s cool, hang it onto a hook on the side of your sink or up on the wall. This adds a little extra space and keeps these items out of the way. 


2. Make use of over-the-toilet storage.

The space over the toilet doesn’t have to be empty, void space when you can use it to store other necessities! When you’re looking for ways to maximize the storage in your bathroom, consider adding an over-the-toilet storage shelving unit to give yourself a little extra storage space. This space over the toilet is perfect for storing items like toilet paper, feminine products, and even cleaning products – things that you would need to frequently keep on hand. 


3. Add a rolling cart. 

A rolling cart can add easy to use and easy to access storage in a way that doesn’t permanently take up large amounts of space in your bathroom. Use this cart to store makeup, bath products, towels, or any of the other random items that you may keep in your bathroom. With a rolling cart, these items are easy to move around the bathroom for easy access wherever you need them, and the rolling cart can easily be moved to clean or reorganize. 


4. Shoe organizers add extra, out of the way storage. 

Shoe organizers are for more than just shoes, and an over the door shoe organizer can add a great deal of additional storage space without using any of the real estate in your bathroom. Use the over the door organizer for items like hair accessories, hairspray, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, and more. With at least a dozen different slots, you’ll have more space than you could have imagined would fit into a tiny organizer! The best part? None of that clutter is on your floor stacked up against the walls. Instead, it’s hung up and out of the way, allowing your bathroom to feel cleaner and roomier. 


5. Go magnetic.

Don’t be afraid to add magnets to items and use a magnetic strip to hang them up on the wall! Items like tweezers, bobby pins, and nail clippers are perfect to hang above your sink using a small magnetic strip. Or, if you still have quite a bit of space on your magnetic strip, try adding magnets to different makeup products or other bathroom tools you use to stick up onto the magnetic strip as well! This will save you a lot of vanity space and help to keep your area more organized. 

Young woman folding towels in her bathroom at the modern loft apartments in St. Joe

6. Lazy susans are for more than just the kitchen. 

Gone are the days where a lazy susan was only used for your mom’s spice hoard in her kitchen. Nowadays, lazy susans are everywhere – and that includes in the bathroom!

If you’ve got the available counter or shelf space, try adding a lazy susan for some of your items like body sprays, hair styling products, or even cleaning supplies. Having these items on a lazy susan keeps them in a more contained area but makes it easy to access them whenever you need them. Plus, with them all grouped together, it makes everything more organized, and you’re less likely to forget something exists!


7. Add a ledge over your sink.

An easy addition to your vanity space is adding a ledge above your sink to hold small items that you would need to access everyday. You can store items like bobby pins, hair accessories, toothbrush and toothpaste, and more in an area that’s easily accessible but still keeps everything mostly off of your vanity. With that, your vanity can be more organized and clear of clutter, but everything is still within easy reach. The best part about adding a small ledge is that they’re easily accessible and easily installed. A quick trip to IKEA or your local home decor store can give you plenty of items that fit well with your bathroom’s current design with easy-to-install options. 


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