When the weather starts warming up, you know what’s approaching: time for spring cleaning. There’s nothing quite like opening all of the windows in your home to let the warm, fresh air in, let the musty, damp air out, and start getting everything clean for the new season. Doing the same in our apartments in St. Joe, MO, is no exception. In fact, doing some spring cleaning in your apartment may be just what you need to help you get rid of the last bit of the winter blues. 

If you’re getting into the spring cleaning mood and you’re wondering how to best clean your apartment, here are a few tips to get you started:


1. Make a checklist for each room

Everyone wants to make sure that their home is clean and tidy, but getting started can be extremely overwhelming if you don’t have a plan in place. This is why making a checklist for each room in the house can save you a lot of time and a lot of stress when you’re starting your cleaning journey. 

Instead of making one large list of what you want to get done throughout the entire house, try making a list for each room instead. Go into each room and see what it is exactly that you want to get done – whether that be changing your clothing from your winter clothes to your summer clothes, doing a deep clean of the tub, or scrubbing your baseboards. Knowing what you want to do in each room gives you a place to start if you get overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to begin, and can help to give yourself direction if you seem to get stuff. 

The best part? Checking things off of a list is a great feeling, and it shows how much you were able to accomplish. Every accomplishment counts!


2. Start with the small things first

Starting out with small things when you’re beginning your spring cleaning journey is going to save you a lot of stress in the long run. If you try to tackle too big of a project right from the beginning, you might find yourself burned out and not wanting to complete everything on your list. 

If you start with the small things, you’ll be able to check more things off of your list in a shorter amount of time, giving you a huge sense of accomplishment. The more accomplished you feel, the more motivated you’ll be to keep going with your cleaning endeavor, and the more you’ll be able to get done!


3. Pace yourself

When you start on a massive cleaning spree, don’t think that you’re going to be able to get all of it done in one sitting. Even the smaller apartments in St. Joe, MO are going to take more than one day to get fully clean and organized while you’re doing your spring cleaning. Don’t feel like you need to do it all at once – that’s just setting you up for burnout, and then none of it will get done!

Try setting small goals for yourself during the time you’re cleaning. Tackle a couple of small jobs a day or one big job a day until your checklist is complete, and enjoy some rest and relaxation when it’s all over. You’ll thank yourself for allowing yourself to take regular breaks!

A man shampooing his couch's cushions

4. Get by with a little help (from your friends)

If you’re feeling very overwhelmed at the thought of getting your home or apartment clean, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. If you live with a roommate or a partner, try to come up with a plan together to tackle the spring cleaning. Working on things together is going to make it move more quickly than if you were to work on it alone!

However, if you live by yourself, you might be worried about how you can handle everything on your own. You don’t need to worry! Reach out to your friends and see if they’ll come and help you get everything organized. Make it into a fun day together and end it with pizza, a movie, and drinks. 

While cleaning might not be the most exciting activity, everything is made a little easier – and a little more fun – with some help. 


5. Keep, Donate, Throw Away

Having a lot of unnecessary items leads to a lot of extra clutter that you might not know what to do with. If you’re struggling with figuring out what to do with those items, consider organizing them into three different categories: keep, donate, and throw away

Items that you want to keep will obviously go in the keep pile. Items that you don’t need, like an extra microwave, old clothing that no longer fits, or the pot holders you got for Christmas three years ago that you’ve never used, can all be donated as long as they’re in good condition. Finally, if you have items that you no longer use and aren’t in good condition, throw them away! Yes, that includes your empty tech boxes. You’re allowed to throw them away. Promise. 

By eliminating some of the clutter of extra items in your home or apartment, you’ll be amazed at how much room you actually have. Don’t take that as free reign to go out and purchase more items to fill the void, though! Try to kep your items to a minimum, and your cluttered home will thank you. 


The Best Apartments in St. Joe, MO

Here at AE Lofts, we want our residents to feel secure and comfortable in their homes, no matter what time of year it is. Whether you’re settling in for a cozy autumn or trying to finish your spring cleaning, our apartments in St. Joe, MO are the perfect place for you to call home. Plus, our great amenities like our storage area can help you move items from your apartment into storage easily, giving you more space in your apartment. 

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