Over the years, minimalism has continued to grow in popularity as a design choice and living style, and many people both young and old have decided to adopt it into their own lives. However, minimalism tends to get a bad reputation, depending on who you ask. 

Minimalism isn’t just being “extremely cheap.” Instead, minimalist living is choosing to purchase and surround yourself with pieces that are intentional – ones that may have multiple purposes, strong accent pieces, or pieces that you have a strong connection to. Not everything needs to be stark white and monochrome; even our loft-style Saint Joe apartments can achieve the minimalist vibe. 


What is Minimalism?

So what is minimalism exactly? Minimalism focuses on the idea that you do not need to own a wide array of material possessions to be happy. Instead, minimalism teaches you to choose your pieces wisely and find ways to incorporate those pieces into your decor. It teaches you to assess each of your pieces to see what truly brings value to your life and to your space, and what you might have just because you bought it and decided you wanted it. 

In short, minimalism can be condensed into the idea of “fewer items with more space.” It provides a clean, efficient, and functional space, and is the ideal for many people with small apartments. However, deciding what minimalism is and how to achieve that look can be difficult. 

If you’re considering moving to a more minimalist style in your own apartment, here are some tips that might be able to help:


1. Choose a Style and Stick to It

Typically, when you speak to someone who is considering a more minimalist style for their home or apartment, they tend to fall into one of four branches of minimalism:

  • Eco-minimalism: dedicated to make your home and lifestyle more eco-friendly by furnishing your home with DIY, secondhand, or sustainable pieces;
  • Functional minimalism: focused on furniture and other pieces that serve multiple purposes, and great for furnishing your apartment on a budget;
  • Aesthetic minimalism: focused on the style aspect of minimalism more than the ideals behind it;
  • Essential minimalism: dedicated to finding one-of-a-kind, unique pieces to fill their space to make a bold statement.

Each of these four categories has value if that’s what you love most about the style. Don’t feel like you need to shift into a functional minimalist style if you’re just in it for the aesthetic. However, don’t try to change up your style in the middle of creating your minimalist space, because the ideas are going to get confused! Choose one style and stick to it, and your wallet – and your apartment – will thank you. 


2. Color Scheme

There’s a reason why the monochromatic color scheme seems to pop up in every picture or video about minimalism, and that’s because color coordination is a way to achieve the minimalist look you’re going for. This is especially true if you like the idea of minimalism more for the aesthetic instead of the actual practice. 

One way to achieve the style you’ve likely seen on apps like TikTok and Pinterest is by choosing one feature color – and sticking to it. That color may be a dark navy or it could be a bright, vibrant yellow; the choice is yours. However, with all of the color options for furniture, sheets, decor, and even appliances on the market, you’re sure to find a color that fits your mood and style. 

A woman decorating her loft at the Saint Joe apartments using flowers

3. Do One Room at a Time

Don’t think that you need to fully embrace the minimalist lifestyle and get rid of all your extraneous possessions all at once. That would just cause you a lot of stress, make the transformation overwhelming, and may cause you to rethink the entire process all together! 

Instead, try to tackle each room individually. Make a list of what you want to do in each room to make it feel more like the minimalist style you’re going for. Go through each room’s items to see what would work best for you to keep for your new style, and what you just want to keep because it makes you happy. 

Working on things little by little makes undertaking a big project easier, and redesigning your home is no different! 


4. Choose New Purchases Wisely

Before you impulse-buy a cute, hot pink chair at Homegoods, consider where it’s going to go in your home. If you’re dedicated to the minimalist lifestyle, then adding new aspects into it requires a lot of thought. For example, if you’ve chosen a bright yellow color scheme for your minimalist apartment, think about how the bright pink chair will look in the middle of all the yellow decorations. Will it match your style? Does it bring the kind of aesthetic that you want into your home?

Be intentional about your purchases and decor. Instead of impulse buying that cute hot pink chair, instead spend more time searching for a cream or a pastel yellow colored chair instead to better fit your aesthetic. Then, you’ll have more control over the quality, the brand, and you can truly take a moment to think about how it’ll fit in with your space. 


Moving into AE Lofts

Our loft-style Saint Joe apartments are the perfect backdrop to your new minimalist outlook on life. From our modern, sleek appliances in the kitchen to our on-site storage to store all of your extra items, AE Lofts can help you bring your minimalist dreams to life. Or, if you don’t think you’re ready to make the commitment to minimalism just yet, then that’s okay too. Our Saint Joe apartments are here to make everyone feel welcome, regardless of their design style. 

If you’re looking for an amazing apartment in the Kansas City area, then consider renting with us here at AE Lofts. Contact us today and schedule a tour to see if we have what you’re looking for!