Over the years, design trends and themes change. Forty years ago, the dark wood paneling that is so prevalent in many grandparents’ homes was the peak of home decor. Twenty years ago, it was considered okay to put carpet in the bathroom. Ten years ago, shiplap took the world by storm as we watched Chip and Joanna Gaines add it into every single house they flipped. Today, you might see something entirely different trending on HGTV.

Wherever you get your home decor inspiration, you can’t deny that trends are changing constantly. What was popular five, ten, or twenty years ago likely isn’t going to be popular today. While it’s important to stay true to your style, it’s also fun to check out the current and upcoming trends and see what they have to offer. 

Here at our St. Joe apartments, we love to see what our residents are doing to make their apartments truly theirs. In 2023, here’s what we’re expecting to see more of:


1. Natural and nature-like spaces

In 2023, the designer’s love of nature isn’t going anywhere. From beautiful wooden tables and accents to indoor plants, people want to bring nature into their homes. More and more natural-looking pieces, like chairs and end tables made out of stumps, woven baskets, burlap and canvas, and more are finding their way into homes across the country. On top of that, more fun nature-inspired designs are breaking into the home decor sphere, with vines and leaves, mushroom decor, flower decor, and more finding their way into homes. 

A lot of this trend finds its roots in a massively growing sustainability movement. “Going green”, or becoming more eco-friendly, is a draw for an increasingly large number of people. This applies to everything: products, services, apartment complexes, and even their home decor. Adding items like plants, functional design pieces for things like composting, reusable containers for pantry items and decor, and more are making the natural spaces really come to life. 

However, this trend doesn’t end here. Bringing the outside in extends to color palettes as well. Forest and muted greens, soft blues, creams, and browns are making their way onto shelves at the store and walls at home. The natural vibe is in, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. 


2. Fun color palettes 

When you’re in one of our St. Joe apartments, we want to make sure that you feel at home. We understand that sometimes the loft-style aesthetic doesn’t always account for that feeling, with its natural tones, and a pop of color can bring in a fun excitement to a room. Lucky for you, those pops of color are back in style! 

Fun color palettes, bright and bold patterns, and more are making a comeback. More and more design choices are featuring patterns and colors that seem like they belong more in a 1960s or 1970s ad, but they’re becoming all the rage across social media sites like TikTok. Bright pastels and bold and brave colors are splashing themselves across kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. 

Don’t be afraid to make some bold color choices in 2023, because it looks like these bright rooms aren’t going anywhere!

A dog sitting on a sofa in a brightly decorated living room

3. Dark and moody rooms

On the opposite end, dark and moody rooms are also having their time in the spotlight during 2023. Monochrome, dark color palettes bring a unique feeling into a room, like a deep navy, purple, or forest green. Keeping everything monochrome as well, from the baseboards to the window sills and door jambs, makes the whole room feel modern and chic. 

In addition to this, gothic vibes and trends are starting to gain more traction in 2023 as well. More and more black decor and paint are finding their way into homes and making quite a design splash. It offers a deep, moody vibe that is somehow both comorting and strange at the same time.


4. Upcycling

Tagging along with the sustainability boost that’s brought along the nature trend, the upcycling trend is hanging on for dear life. Sustainability is a bigger selling point than ever before, and overconsumption of things like clothing, furniture, and more can be a huge point of contention. Plus, with the climbing prices of basic furniture and decor items, it’s no wonder why the upcycling trend has made its mark on the home decor trends list.

In short, upcycling is when you find an old, outdated piece of furniture and decor and breathe new life into it to make it your own. For example, you may find an old, faded dresser at a thrift store, but you see a vision in it. You bring it home, strip the old varnish off, fix the broken leg and give it a new coat of paint, and you’ve found yourself a new dresser for your bedroom! 

One of the best parts about upcycling is that it doesn’t take much skill to learn as long as you have the patience. While you might not start out creating masterpieces every single time, as long as you make the time and the effort to learn, it’s a skill that you’ll be able to pick up quickly. In time, you’ll be able to find incredible pieces of furniture for cheap that you can use to completely transform your space. You’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve as long as you put your mind to it!


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