When you’re living in a small apartment, making the most of the space that you have is wildly important. Your room is small, your closets are small, and your storage space is minimal at best. This is why keeping your closet clean and organized is imperative – where else are you going to put your things? 

However, we understand how difficult it can be to actually go through your closet and clean things out. It’s easy to get into a cleaning rut, especially with something as hidden as your closet. If people aren’t going to see it, then why bother? 

Here’s the thing, though: you’ll see it. And you’ll know when you open those doors what awaits you – and it’s not pretty. Even the nicest downtown apartments for rent can’t save you from the messy closet monster. 

Are you feeling the spring cleaning bug and need a few tips to get your closet clean? Keep reading for some tricks that may just help:


1. Clear out your clutter

Closets tend to become a catch all for anything and everything we don’t have a place for: extra craft supplies, purses and bags, your collection of old Halloween costumes, and even the 33 grocery totes you’ve acquired over the years. If you’re running out of room in your closet or you feel like it may be getting too cluttered with all of the extra stuff hanging out in the corners, then it might be time to start clearing out the clutter. 

A great tip for clearing out any clutter in your closet – or even your home – is to use the three box method. Label three boxes as “keep,” “donate,” or “throw away.” Go through your closet bit by bit and determine what items should go into each box. “Keep” items are immediately replaced in your closet and given a new home. “Throw away” items are ones that cannot be salvaged and will have to be thrown away, and “donate” items are ones that can be sent to donation centers to give them a new home.

Using this method, you’ll be able to clear out some of the items in your closet that may not have seen the light of day in years. 


2. Find out what you actually wear

It can be difficult sometimes to determine what exactly we wear from our closet. At times, we can get fixated on certain clothes that we enjoy wearing over and over again. Other times, we simply like to stick to what’s on trend and ignore the rest of our clothing. Finding out what clothes you’re actually wearing can help you figure out what is important to keep and what can be gotten rid of. 

On the first day of the year, wash all of your clothes and hang everything up in your closet with all of the hangers pointing out. As you wear an item of clothing, turn the hanger around in your closet so that you know what you’ve worn. By the end of the year, all of the clothing that hasn’t been worn during that entire year should be donated. 

Doing this method for a full year allows you to go through the whole range of seasons, ensuring that you won’t accidentally toss out any winter clothing that you simply hadn’t had a chance to wear during June, or getting rid of the shorts you so desperately need during the February chill. 

A woman organizing shoes in her closet

3. Separate your clothing by season

Speaking of seasons, if you’re someone who has a lot of clothes that struggle to fit in your closet, it might not be a bad idea to start separating your clothing by seasons. During each seasonal change, put away the clothing that’s only going to be collecting dust for the next few months. To save space and keep your clothes safe and fresh, use vacuum sealer bags to store your clothes away until they’re needed again. This will keep your closet more open and allow you to see what you’ve got without having to dig through all of your clothing every time. 

Plus, our downtown apartments for rent here at AE Lofts are right near Kansas City, and you’re sure to experience all four seasons throughout the year. You aren’t going to miss out on wearing your favorite pieces if you go with this method!


4. Add labels

When you’re reworking your organizational system, you may be tempted to simply throw things in boxes and put them back into your closet. But with that kind of logic, you end up in exactly the same position you were before! 

There’s nothing wrong with grabbing boxes to make organizing your closet a little easier, but add labels to make sure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. If you create an organizational system but then forget where everything is at, it’s not going to be very helpful! 


5. You can put dressers in your closet

This might seem like a no brainer, but you don’t actually have to keep your dressers in your room. To save on space and make your closet into an organizer’s dream, you can place your dressers right into your closet to store all of your folded items! 

Not only does this give you extra breathing room in your bedroom, it also allows you to create almost a makeshift vanity, hidden away from the word among your shirts and dresses. Store perfume, makeup, and other accessories that might clutter up your dresser normally in your closet, and you immediately free up valuable counter space in your bedroom!


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Here at AE Lofts, our downtown apartments for rent in the Kansas City area add a lot of incredible charm and history to your decor, but sometimes they may be lacking in the storage department. That’s why using these tips and tricks to keep your closet clutter-free and organized are so important! Besides, who doesn’t love the feeling of a clean, organized closet? 

If you’re interested in tackling a closet organization project here at AE Lofts, contact us today for more information!