Why should you organize your apartment?

One of the most daunting things about moving into a new apartment is figuring out how you’re going to store everything that you need without your apartment looking messy and cluttered. Or, if you’re like so many others, even just organizing your current apartment can be quite the herculean task. It makes you wonder: do I really need to do this? How would this really benefit me in the long run?

Not only will organizing your apartment simply look better, having a good organizational system will benefit you in the long run. It will make your home look more clean, make you feel better about your space, and will even help you keep it clean over time. This works because if everything has a place, you don’t always have to think of new places to put things – there’s one already ready to go!

At AE Lofts, your move to our apartments in St. Joe, MO is the perfect opportunity for getting organized. If you’re not quite ready to move yet though, or don’t know where to start, here are some tips to help you get started on your organization journey:


1.) Keep your items with their family members.

This sounds a little silly, but it’s an easy way to help you keep all of your items organized. Instead of choosing to sort things by room and having several boxes or bins with the same items in them simply because they’re in the same room, try to organize them by category instead.

For example, put all of your cleaning supplies together. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cleaning supply for the kitchen, the bathroom, or somewhere else in your home: if it’s some kind of cleaning supply, keep it in the same place with the others. This is the same for other small items: put all of your pens in your desk, even if you use some in the kitchen to write grocery lists. Keep all of your hoes in the same spot. 

This way, you’ll always know where you put everything. There’s no running all over the apartments in St. Joe, MO, searching for that specific pair of shoes, because they’re all in the same area. You’re never hunting for a pen, or the bleach, or anything else, because you know where they all are.


2.) It’s okay. You can throw out your emotional support iPhone 5 box.

It’s a good box. It’s nice and sturdy, made of good quality cardboard, and it makes a nice sound when you rap it with your knuckles.

However, you also haven’t used that iPhone 5 box since you took your phone out of it eight years ago.

It can sometimes be hard to get rid of what we consider to be a “good box,” but think about how much space you’re saving if you do choose to get rid of it. You aren’t using those boxes, and it’s unlikely that you’ll use it in the future, if you haven’t used it in the eight years you’ve had it. It’ll forgive you for recycling it. We promise. 


3.) Try a new way of organizing things different from the way you’d normally see it. 

An easy way to get organized that you might not have thought about is organizing items around your home in a different kind of way. Storage furniture is always good for this, because you can choose different types of furniture to get exactly what you need and what you need to match the vibe you’re going for in your apartment. Couches, ottomans, desks, and more have storage options now to really save you on space and keep things organized!

Something else you can try is storing your items in a way that you might not expect. For example, get some mesh zipper bags to store all of those board games, and you won’t need to hang onto all of those bulky boxes! They’re easier to find and store, and are much more aesthetically pleasing to look at. Manuals and other important documents can be placed into decorative boxes instead of just random, scattered folders. Your storage can be both cute and functional, and if you’re willing to think outside the box, you’ll have a world of opportunities in front of you to make something awesome!

Colorful shirts hanging up in a closet


4.) See what you’re really using.

A lot of organization comes from knowing what you should keep and what you should throw out or donate. Sometimes that decision can be difficult: what if you have an occasion to wear those shoes again? I might need those old bills from 2012! How can I get rid of them?

A way to help you pare down on your items is to really see what you’re using. Come up with some kind of system for you to be able to make note somehow if you’re actually getting use out of a particular item or item of clothing. For example, if you’re trying to see if you actually wear everything in your closet, start turning your hangars when you wear an item of clothing. At the end of a year, any items that you haven’t turned should be donated, since you haven’t worn them within a year.

Being able to get rid of things that you don’t need not only frees up space in your home, but makes organizing everything so much easier. Wouldn’t putting away your shoes take you much less time if you only had to put away a few pairs instead of dozens?


Organizing Your Apartment with AE Lofts

Keeping your apartment organized is easier than ever at our apartments in St. Joe, MO. With our high ceilings and large floor plans, you’re able to have a wide array of organizational options to decorate your apartment and make it your own. Try vertical storage on our high ceilings, or decorate your studio apartment with room dividers that double as shelving. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity! 

If you’re interested in touring one of our apartments, contact us and schedule a tour today!