Whether you’re headed out on vacation or are just looking for some interesting sights to see in your new hometown, you need to do a bit of research to help you figure out where to go! All over the country there are hundreds of cool museums, parks, festivals and other spots that give a bit more spark to an area that people may otherwise consider “boring.” St. Joseph and the Kansas City area is one of those places. 

You’d be amazed to see how many different types of museums, parks, theaters, and other sights there are to offer in Kansas City and neighboring St. Joseph, and AE Lofts’ St. Joseph apartments make for the perfect hub for visiting family and friends. 

if you’re planning a tour of the Kansas City and St. Joseph area, here are some places you should definitely check out: 


Patee House Museum

The Patee House Museum is a fascinating look into the past here in the Kansas City area. Built as a luxury hotel in 1858 by John Patee, this building served as a last respite before heading farther out west and into the wild unknown. When it was first built in 1858, this hotel was on the cutting edge of technology: it had hot and cold running water and a natural cooling system to help keep guests cool in the hot and humid Kansas City air. It was the last spot of luxury that many travelers would experience before heading out west into uncharted territory.

Today, this museum stands as a tribute to how much our country has grown since that time in 1858. While this hotel didn’t have the lasting power that John Patee likely would have hoped, the monument it remains today serves as an interesting peek into the past. Plus, when you’re done exploring the height of luxury at the Patee House Museum, you can head back home to your St. Joseph apartments to experience today’s version of luxury – a much more comfortable rest!


Glore Psychiatric Museum

For people who love the bizarre, Glore Psychiatric Museum is a must-see stop on your Kansas City area visit. This peek into the past showcases both the history of psychiatric treatment and the lives of some of the residents that called St. Joseph’s State Lunatic Asylum No. 2 their home. In the museum, you’ll be able to see all 453 nails and other small objects that were removed from a patient’s stomach in 1929 after she’d swallowed all of them. You’ll also be able to see life-sized models of different psychiatric treatment methods built by George Glore, a member of the Missouri Department of Mental Health and the museum’s namesake, that capture the methodology used throughout the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. 

In all, the museum provides a fascinating glimpse into the past and is a priority to visit if you’re interested in the history of mental health or enjoy a bizarre museum stop. 


Remington Nature Center

Located right on the Missouri River, the Remington Nature Center is a must-see for history buffs and nature lovers alike. The nature center presents different natural habitats for native animals to Missouri like beehives and beaver dams, and even features a 7,000 gallon aquarium filled with native fish and aquatic plants. 

This park also stands as a testament to the Native American tribes in Missouri, showcasing many of their tools, traditions, and artifacts that are important to the tribes in the area. Native American habitats and artifacts also give visitors a peek into the past to see how the natural landscape began to change over time. 

If you love nature and want to check out all of the incredible wildlife that Missouri has to offer, stop by Remington Nature center before you head back to your St. Joseph apartments!

A wooden boardwalk at a nature center

Missouri Theatre

First opened in 1927, the Missouri Theatre began as a 1200 seat movie house, which was extremely popular during the time. Over the years, however, the theatre began to decline in popularity until 1978 when the City of St. Joseph purchased the theater for the purpose of turning it into a center for the arts. Fortunately for the city, everything worked out in their favor, and the Missouri Theatre opened again as the performance hub of the city. 

During the summer, the Missouri Theatre showcases many productions. This summer, you’ll be able to catch both The Sound of Music and Peter Pan – just be sure to get your tickets before they sell out!


Wyeth-Tootle Mansion

The Wyeth-Tootle Mansion stands as a testament to the Victorian splendor that once graced the entire midwest, and St. Joseph is no different. Built in 1879 by William and Eliza Wyeth, this mansion was designed to resemble the breathtaking castles along the Rhine River in Germany. The mansion only remained in the hands of the Wyeth family for about a decade before it was sold to Kate Tootle in the late 1880s. This mansion remained in the Tootle family until 1947, when it was eventually sold to become part of the St. Joseph museum. 

The lower floors of the mansion have been restored to showcase their Victorian roots, a testament to the decadence and opulence that flowed throughout the wealthy during that time. It makes for a fascinating stop on any summer tour of St. Joseph. 


More to Explore at Our St. Joseph Apartments

Here at AE Lofts, our St. Joseph apartments make for the perfect hub for all of your summer fun around Kansas City. After you go and explore all of the exciting sites that St. Joseph has to offer, you’ll be able to head back home to your own historic site – the incredible restored warehouse that houses American Electric Lofts. Experience all of the historical homes that we have to offer, and then head home to relax in your St. Joseph apartment. 

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