Whether or not you realize it, having a small indoor garden in your apartment can be extremely beneficial for you. Having an apartment garden adds a bright pop of color that is much needed in a small space like an apartment. 

Gardening doesn’t only have to be for people with a green thumb, though. Anyone can start an apartment garden without care and attention to detail. In fact, you may even grow to love having a large apartment garden, even if you’re worried about getting started! You never know until you try. 

Our apartments for rent in St. Joseph, MO are a great place to start spreading your metaphorical wings. You can figure out what kind of “plant parent” life is for you in an area surrounded by plenty of supportive neighbors in a unique, enchanting location. 

If you’re looking to start an apartment garden, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind: 


1. Start small

When you get started with an apartment garden, don’t think that you need to have an entire greenhouse worth of plants right from the outset. There is no problem with starting small and building up to having the kinds of plants that you like to have in your apartment. Starting small gives you the freedom to be choosy about what kinds of plants you have, to find plants that are beginner friendly, and to find plants that work best with you and your schedule. 

Don’t be discouraged if your dreams of a grand apartment garden begin with a single succulent. You’ll be proud of all you’ve accomplished when you’re finally able to see your garden grow, and our apartments for rent in St. Joseph, MO are the best place to see that happen. 


2. Think about your apartment layout 

Just like any other redecoration project, you need to think about what your apartment’s layout is like before making any major changes. Consider where you’re wanting to place your plants before you buy any. Are you going to be placing them in an area that gets enough natural sunlight? Are they going to be out of the way of pets? If something were to fall, are they going to damage anything irreplaceable? Make sure that you’re looking at all of the possibilities before making any final decisions!


3. Use your garden for cooking 

If you like to cook, then having an apartment garden is perfect for you! Herb gardens make for a great addition to any apartment, no matter how small. Plant herbs like rosemary, thyme, and parsley to add a fresh, bright taste to anything that you’re cooking. Plus, herb gardens are easy to maintain with the right watering and sunlight! 

For a low-maintenance option, try using something like an AeroGarden. AeroGardens are self-watering and have their own light, which makes taking care of herbs a breeze. No matter the time of year or what the weather is like outside, with an indoor herb garden, you’ll always have a fresh addition to your meals. 


4. Utilize your window ledges 

One of the most important pieces of plant real estate is your windowsill! You may not be able to use your window sills for much storage, but they make for incredible ledges for you to place your plants onto if you have smaller pots. Plus, because your window sills are always going to be right in the area of direct sunlight, you’ll be able to give your plant babies the sunlight and nourishment they need. This is especially important if your plants are ones that need constant natural light. 

The only downside to using windowsills is that they aren’t very large, so having smaller plants would be perfect to utilize this space. You’ll be amazed at how many plants you’ll be able to fit on the sill! 

Herbs sitting on a window sill ledge at the apartments for rent in St. Joseph, MO

5. Incorporate plants into your decor

If you’re a major plant fan and are contemplating adding a garden to your apartment, then you may already have some plant and garden themed decor around your space. If you don’t, why don’t you try making your garden a feature of your decor instead? 

Use flowers to bring bright, interesting, and unique colors to a drab corner of the room. Add vines to line a door or window sill to give your apartment a magical, fantastical kind of feeling. Make your garden the focal point of an awkward corner, breathing new life into an otherwise drab section of your home. 

With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless. And with our loft apartments for rent in St. Joseph, MO, you have the perfect blank canvas to work with.  


6. Use mason jars 

Adding plants to your home doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, some plants and herbs thrive in almost any container – even mason jars. For a fun added pop of color, paint old spaghetti jars or mason jars in brightly colored paints and fill them with your favorite plants and herbs. The window sill of your kitchen will thank you!


7. Plan around your pets 

If you’re a pet parent, then don’t forget to be mindful of what plants you bring into your home. Depending on the plant, some plants are toxic to dogs and cats! If your furry best friend likes to get into plants, then make sure you’re buying ones that are pet safe. 


Brightening Up Your Apartment for Rent 

Here at AE Lofts, we understand the value of taking something old and breathing new life into it again. Just like we’ve been able to revitalize this building and create beautiful apartments, an apartment garden might just be what you’re lacking in your space to give yourself a new breath of fresh air that’s so desperately needed. 

Whether you’re the proud owner of a green thumb or you’re a brand new plant parent, it doesn’t matter. All kinds of gardens, from ones with many plants to ones that may only have one or two, are welcome here in what we hope will be your new home.

If you’re interested in seeing what our apartments for rent in St. Joseph, MO can do for you, please contact us and schedule a tour today!