What is a loft?

Lofts are becoming increasingly popular for renters of all ages and backgrounds: young, single people, couples, or even families. If you’re looking to move into one of our lofts in St. Joseph, MO, you might be wondering: how is a loft different from a normal apartment?

Typically, lofts are created from older buildings that were formally some type of warehouse or industrial building, as is the case with our lofts. AE Lofts were build from a 19th-century grain warehouse, giving you the industrial feel that you crave without having to give up more modern amenities to do it. They often have exposed brick, piping, and beams. And, while many lofts come with these kinds of features naturally, there are an increasing number of apartment complexes recreating this scenery for this popular aesthetic.

Are you still struggling with the idea? Here are a couple reasons why loft living might be for you:


1.) Loft apartments are spacious.

It’s easy to confuse a loft with something like a studio apartment. While a studio apartment was built to be just that – an apartment – lofts were originally intended to be used for warehouse purposes, making them much larger than the typical apartment. With high ceilings and large windows, lofts provide large, open spaces with a lot of natural light that you simply can’t find anywhere else. 

If you have a family or want to live with roommates, several loft companies and buildings will have options where they’ve built out separate rooms within the loft in order to give you some privacy. However, if you’re alone, a loft apartment is perfect to have a huge, spacious area all to yourself. 

AE Lofts is one of the places that offers both. If you’re looking for an authentic, warehouse-built loft in St. Joseph, MO with multiple room options, schedule a tour with us today!


2.) Industrial style and aesthetic is very trendy. 

Trends will always come and go, and the industrial vibe is very in trend right now. All you need to do to get that confirmation is check out pretty much any HGTV house decoration or flipping show. 

The best part, though, is that the industrial look remains a classic. Exposed brick and beams may not be for everyone, sure, but those who love it really love it, and it can add a timeless look to your apartment. Lean into that rustic look to make it feel like your apartment has taken a step back in time, or add more modern touches to make it feel updated. The choice is yours!

An industrial style light fixture

3.) The room layout is a lot more flexible than a traditional apartment.

In your typical apartment, the way that the rooms are set up are pretty cut and dry. You have a designated living room, bedroom or bedrooms, kitchen and dining area, and so on. In a loft, however, you have a lot more creative control over where your “rooms” can be. 

Of course, some of the features can’t be moved. The bathroom is always going to be a separate private space, and your kitchen can only go where the appliances are. But that doesn’t mean you can’t move everything else around. Does the farthest corner of your apartment seem like the perfect place for a breakfast nook? Do it! Do you want to have your bed and bedroom setup in the middle of the room? Go for it!

With such a wide open space, you’re able to design your own best space and the way that you most want to have your space organized. Because there are no designated rooms or spaces for anything, you have a massive range of possibilities for decoration choices. In one of our lofts in St. Joseph, MO, the possibilities are endless.


4.) You get a wide range of amenities and a sense of community.

Just like other apartment facilities, loft apartment buildings also have a wide range of amenities to make your life just a little bit easier. From on-site fitness centers to club rooms to game rooms, living in an older building doesn’t mean skipping out on the finer things in life. 

These kinds of amenities allow you to get more out of your living space without ever having to leave your building. You don’t have to skip out on the things that people look out for in a modern apartment just because you want to live in a more traditional loft. 

Also, these kinds of spaces build community. You may meet your new best friend just because you tend to go down to the community gym at the same time. Especially now, in the days of COVID-19, even that little bit of additional community interaction can help boost your spirits and get you that extra bit of community that you’ve been wanting. 


5.) Location, location, location.

The best part about living in a true loft in an updated warehouse is the location. These industrial centers needed to be in the city centers for easy access to the community in a time before cars and before people would work miles upon miles away. As a result, loft apartments are often in ideal, optimized locations for the best access to the city


Why You Should Choose AE Lofts

Not only does AE Lofts offer you an authentic but modernized loft apartment experience in an updated warehouse, we also offer updated amenities like a fitness center, a yoga room, and a game room. 

With our lofts in St. Joseph, MO, we offer a great, centralized location within walking distance of many local coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and even a theater. And while it might not look like it did when our building was a warehouse in the 1800s, you can still easily explore the local area just as they might have back then. If you’re interested in renting one of our lofts, schedule a tour with us today.