When you move into a new apartment, it might take some time for your new living space to truly feel like home. Between being in a new place, having to figure out how things work, and trying to get used to your new way of life, it may take a while for your new apartment to truly feel like home. And even then, it might feel more like you’re staying in a hotel rather than going home.

When you make one of AE Lofts’ Saint Joe apartments your new home, we want you to feel like you’re truly at home. We want you to be excited to come back at the end of a long day of work and look forward to relaxing in a space that you’ve designed to be perfect for you and your life.

If you’re wondering how you can create the perfect space and make it feel like home, here are a few ideas to help you get started:

1. Think of your apartment as your living space and not just somewhere you sleep.

The problem that many people face when they move into a new home or apartment is that it simply doesn’t feel like home. Moving into a new space almost feels like taking a vacation and staying in a hotel or AirBnb; it’s almost a surreal feeling.
However, if you’re planning to stay in your new apartment long term, then it’s important to take steps to make it truly feel like home. Create your bedroom into the perfect cozy getaway, not just a show piece. Think of ways to improve your kitchen or dining area to make it easier and more fun to host friends and entertain guests. Get a comfortable couch that you can crash onto at the end of every day and unwind in front of the television.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you’re designing your space. Instead, think of what your dream space would look like and help your vision to match.

2. Your apartment isn’t temporary – think of the future.

If you think of your new loft as temporary, then you’re going to decorate it like it’s temporary. Here at AE Lofts, our Saint Joe apartments are here for as long as you’d like to live in them, so why not think of your home on a more permanent basis?
When you’re able to, start investing in quality pieces for your home. Do your research to figure out what furniture is a timeless style that you could keep for a long time, or find information about interesting style trends that you can incorporate into your apartment’s decor.

The more you think of the future when you decorate your space, the less likely it is that you’ll need to start from scratch every time you move. You’ll be able to create a solid base with the pieces you’ve purchased and created and make those a part of your life from here on out.

Woman adding plant to her American Electric Loft Apartment

3. Bring life to your new space.

Having a tastefully decorated apartment is one thing, but breathing a bit of life into it is another. If you live in one of our Saint Joe apartments alone, it’s bound to feel a little lonely and stifling, no matter how much you love your space. That’s where adding a bit of life comes in.

When you feel more established in your new apartment, consider bringing in something new to give your apartment a more homey feeling. Plants are a great way to brighten and liven up your space, or if you’re an animal lover, you can also consider adopting a pet. There’s nothing that feels like coming home quite like a dog greeting you at the door.

4. Choose your colors and lighting carefully.

The easiest way to make a space your own is to, well, paint the walls! Some apartment complexes are okay with their renters painting the walls and some art, so be sure that you check with your property manager before going to purchase paint. However, if you are allowed to paint, giving your home bright pops of color is the best way to make it feel homey and personalized.

As you’re painting, consider your lighting and color theming. Do you want to have a bright, open space with plenty of colors on the walls, or is it more your style to have a rich, deeper color with more intentional mood lighting? Whatever it is that you choose, creating your coloration and lighting style based upon your personal style is one of the fastest – and easiest – ways to breathe life into your new home.

5. Turn a mismatched set into a matching masterpiece.

When you’re first starting out on your moving journey, buying a lot of brand new furniture at one time can be extremely daunting. Even more so, furniture is expensive, and buying a whole apartment full of high-end matching sets just isn’t going to be financially feasible for the average person. You’re likely going to have to go thrift for some fun pieces, borrow some from your family’s storage unit, or make extensive use of Facebook Marketplace – and that’s okay!

What’s most important, though, is to take those mismatched pieces of furniture and make them yours. Consider repainting them, choosing matching sets of throw pillows or decor, or even reupholstering those pieces to make them fit into a more cohesive theme. It’s a more affordable way to create unity within your space, and it will help you feel like everything that you purchased was intentional – not incidental. Plus, giving your home the DIY flare will make it feel just that much more like home.

Making Your Saint Joe Apartment Feel Like Home

Our Saint Joe apartments may not be the house that you grew up in, but we hope that in spite of that, you’ll be able to make our apartments feel like home. Our gorgeous historical building holds kind and generous residents and a thoughtful, friendly staff, and we truly believe that here, you’ll be able to make your apartment into your new home.

If you’re interested in seeing what AE Lofts can do for you, contact us and schedule a tour with us today!