When you’re out and feel the fall breeze and see falling leaves from trees, what comes to your mind first? Yes! You realize Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner, and so, here are eight fun activities you can do in St. Joseph, Missouri


1.) An Exercise Day at Krug Park

Who says you can’t be healthy while having fun? In a park close to St. Joe Apartments, having fun and exercising can co-exist. You can enjoy the scenery while jogging, stretching, and working out alone or with your loved ones.

Add to this the amazing temperature that goes with the ambiance. It’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold – definitely weather that will keep you going physically! 


2.) A Picnic Day at Bartlett Park

Are you wondering where you can find a place where you can eat and have fun at the same time? In Bartlett Park, you can do all these, especially having a picnic. You can eat, talk, and have fun with your family and friends on a good day while enjoying the rays of the sun touching your skin. 

Don’t forget to plan out the perfect menu as well. For example, why not bring baked goods that will complement both the weather and the company?


3.) Visit the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art

If you’re someone with a heart for art, here’s a fun and informative thing for you! This museum houses an extensive collection from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries of American art, which everyone can enjoy. 

Even though it’s an indoor activity, you can never go wrong in learning history while it’s the fall season. Believe it or not, you’ll be too cozy to leave your bed in the winter and too excited to go to the pool in the summer. The Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art is the way to go if you want to relax both your mind and body. 


4.) A Day of Songs at Patee Park

Do you have enough talent to tell a story through a song? If the answer is yes, then you might be interested in performing at Patee Park for everyone to enjoy. Prepare a list of songs with a relaxing melody and let the audience listen to them under the somber weather. 

People may suggest songs and can also partake and perform with you. This takes music to another level, so make sure to prepare your social skills since you’ll definitely interact with a lot of people. 

This park is small but is scenic enough for people to enjoy and feel the autumn vibes.


5.) A BARKtastic Day in Autumn at Corby Dog Park

If humans need a break from our chaotic lives, our four-legged paw friends also need one! Our paw friends can mingle with other dogs, play with their owners, and play fetch as a means to have fun. The Corby Dog Park is perfect for this activity since it houses various amenities that are tailored to animals, such as the water fountains, pool stations, little running paths, and more. 

This place values safety. Therefore, they ensure that the people who go inside are well aware of the rules and regulations of the park. They do this through a manageable membership of $5. Owners also have to take note of the different requirements needed to be able to gain access for their pups. 


A man walks his dog through the park on a fall day.

6.) A Sweet Treat for a Sweet Autumn Day

Do you and your special someone have a sweet tooth? If yes, here’s an activity you can add to your checklist. Kris and Kate’s Ice Cream Treats is a sight to behold, as it offers a variety of ice cream treats for you. It’s also perfect for satisfying all your cravings on a sweet autumn day.


7.) A FISHtastic Day at St. Joseph, Missouri

Not everybody enjoys fishing as a way to spend their day, but if you’re one of them, St. Joseph, Missouri has the place for you. Unlike others, many people say that the Dupree Memorial Conservation Area site is one of the best. There are also yards of banks to fish from, and it is an excellent activity to cool down with your family. 


8.) A Flea Day on Your Free Day

Do you have old clothes, shoes, or bags you want to get rid of but want to make money out of them? If you are overdue for a closet clean out, then a day of a flea market at the Civic Center Park is an option. Be a seller or a buyer and get a chance to snag things that are no longer useful to someone but might be a gem to you.


9.) Paint the World

If you’re someone blessed with having creativity in their veins, here’s something for you. You can paint the scenery and any form of art at Huston Wyeth Park. This is even more suitable for the scenery during Fall, highlighted by the greens and browns of the leaves and the oranges of the sun. 

So now, all you have to do is bring your brushes and paint and release the Leonardo da Vinci in you.


10.) Fun at the Movies

Are you one who spends hours daydreaming about how your life would be if you were in a movie? If yes, then you’ll enjoy a night of movie marathons at Regal Hollywood-St. Joseph, especially the wide array of movies to choose from. From old films from the ‘90s to the recent blockbuster ones, this theater has it all.

All of these activities are sure to make your day an exciting one. You’ll never get bored from activities outdoors like fishing, painting, and having a picnic to indoor activities like going to theaters.


So now, take the day off and get the chance to tick these off of your checklist. Don’t be one to miss out on this chance of a lifetime to make the most out of St. Joseph, Missouri.