St. Joseph, Missouri, is a community well-known for its entrepreneurism and expansion. Initially, the place was established as a trading post in 1843. This community has grown ever since then, and today it is recognized as one of the best commercial centers. St. Joseph is home to the famous Pony Express, which houses several other western legends such as Jesse James. Moreover, this city has today become a technology and exploration hub nationwide. 


This city’s development westwards was due to various reasons: establishments of numerous million-dollar businesses, convenient transportation, commerce facilities, and major highways connecting multiple states. These are the pulse of people living in this city.


Benefits of living in St. Joseph

The essence of this city’s expansion westwards encouraged an entrepreneurial spirit in people, initially in the 19th century, which continues even today. Apart from the progress that this city is making in terms of technological advancement, what sets St. Joseph apart is its robust work ethic in the Midwest. This is the reason why numerous employees from nearby communities are driven to reallocate here. There are several advantages of living in Downtown Saint Jo.​ Let us dive into a few reasons to know exactly what St. Joseph offers. 


Cultural Life

St. Joseph is located between two vast metropolitan districts, that is Omaha and Kansas City. Thus, the city enjoys some excellent visual arts all year round. The city houses numerous art galleries and hosts various cultural events all around the year.


The city houses a very skilled Symphony orchestra that organizes events from October till May for music fans. A few popular festivals of this city include the Jazz Festival of Colemen Hawkins and the Mexican Fiesta of St. Patrick. These festivals are believed to attract artistic people to St. Joseph every year. Even the public from neighboring towns and metropolitan regions visit this place to enjoy the celebrations. 

Historic downtown St. Joseph, Missouri


This city has some of the most amazing neighborhoods, all interlaced with a parkway system made of rich woods. No matter what style of living one prefers, this city is sure to suit every style. There are even a number of historic buildings that have been restored and converted into downtown loft apartments. The boulevards are lined by green trees on the sides and surrounded by beautiful residences made of bricks. These are trendy spots where people can walk their dogs and is also an excellent jogging place.


The city has a separate business hub that houses vibrant shops. There is a neighborhood nearby that is home to several families. This city provides comfortable living conditions that offer all the required amenities. For people looking to experience spectacular rural life, St. Joseph is their inexpensive dream home.  


Dining and Shopping Experiences 

The antique shops found here leave the shoppers awestruck. They house numerous beautiful handmade artifacts and sculptures, and several stores keep the latest fashionable items.


Restaurants of downtown offer different types of cuisines, and all the dishes offered here are delicious. They are suitable for all tastes, and the dining experience of the city is fantastic. Some universally famous restaurants are located here as well as notable shopping areas. 


Recreational Opportunities 

Several enjoyable activities are present for people in every corner of the city to enjoy. It has one of the largest aquatic parks, one among the five regional golf courses, an ice skating rink, and a hockey ground. The city has a bus system known as “The Ride” that connects all corners of the city and offers services across multiple routes daily. The transport system connects all the parts of the city to provide maximum convenience to the locals. 


Education System

St. Joseph has a quality education system. Families living here can choose some of the best universities and schools for their children. It also has a few schools that are nationally recognized.


This city’s location is unique, which is why it is just an hour away from St. Joseph to numerous top-notch universities situated in the neighboring regions.



St. Joseph’s parkway is marvelous and very soothing since they are always present around the corner, no matter which region you visit. It has an incredible parkway stretched out over 26-miles and strung throughout the city connecting north and south.


This parkway is believed to unite 48 individual parks with numerous sports complexes and various walking trails. The passages along the parkway are all beautifully decorated for people to walk on in the wonderful evenings. 


Healthcare Services 

St. Joseph has Mosaic Life Care, a healthcare system that is nationally recognized. It includes several physician practices, health plans, medical centers, and the foundation of a community.


It is a regional healthcare delivery network that employs over 3,100 doctors, nurses, and more in St. Joseph. Former Heartland Heart was recently presented as the most prestigious and renowned hospital of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality. The award was ratified in Washington, DC.


There are a total of sixteen hospitals located across Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri. With the general practitioners’ help, the healthcare system delivers quality healthcare services to everyone.



St. Joseph is one of the best places to live in owing to the numerous amenities it offers to the residents. St. Joseph is ranked in the 74th position for being one of the safest cities in Missouri. May and June are the most pleasant months to visit, and tourists are often seen during these months. 


The best part? The cost of living in St. Joseph is also more than 23 percent lower than that of the other cities in the US. With the best schools and friendly neighborhoods, people are sure to have a good time living in this place and enjoying the benefits offered.


Inhabitants can also choose to study in any of the colleges present in and around the downtown area of St. Joseph. This city has a synergy of quality institutions, great shopping malls, extraordinary dining places, and a thriving business community, creating a perfect living space or workspace.