Loft apartments combine historic character with unique aesthetics, creating a one-of-a-kind space. With open and spacious layouts, lofts are extremely versatile, allowing you to configure the apartment to suit your needs. 

However, one of the challenges of loft living is making the most of your space, and more importantly, making the space work for you. At American Electric Lofts apartments in Saint Joseph, MO, we understand the challenges – and joys – of loft living. In this blog, we’ll share some organizing hacks to help you optimize your loft space.

#1.) Declutter regularly.

Loft living encourages a minimalist approach to belongings. Before deciding how to configure your space, purge items you no longer need. Periodically declutter and donate, sell, or recycle items to keep your loft feeling spacious and organized.

One easy way to declutter is to get rid of items that are provided by your community. Many loft apartments have a variety of community amenities for residents that can negate the need for certain items. For example, at AE Lofts apartments in Saint Joseph, MO, we have a fitness center and yoga room on-site so you can save on space by ditching home fitness equipment – especially if it is bulky or covered in dust. 

#2.) Plan your layout.

Before you start organizing your loft apartment, it’s crucial to determine your priorities and lifestyle needs. This step is important because it lays the foundation for how you’ll configure your space to maximize and optimize it effectively.

Consider your lifestyle, interests, and ultimately what you’ll use the space for most. This may include working on professional or creative projects or entertaining and hosting guests. Once your priorities are decided, determine what furniture or layouts make the most sense, such as creating a designated work area or keeping a versatile floorplan that easily adapts to having guests over. 

For those who love to entertain, AE Lofts has a club room with a full kitchen, ideal for hosting parties or simply relaxing with friends and neighbors. For more casual gatherings, our community room is the perfect place to host a game night or challenge a friend to foosball.

#3.) Use room dividers.

Open-concept layouts are a hallmark of loft living. To create defined spaces within your apartment, consider using room dividers or bookshelves as partitions. This allows you to have separate areas for living, dining, and working while maintaining an open and airy feel.

When hosting guests, room dividers can create a more private area for their stay, especially in common areas or studio apartments. During larger gatherings and parties, dividers can either section off designated spaces or be removed to allow for more room.

#4). Invest in multipurpose furniture.

Invest in furniture that serves multiple functions in line with your priorities for the space. For instance, a sofa bed can transform your living room into a guest bedroom when needed. Consider ottomans with hidden storage or a dining table that can double as a desk for work or study.

For those wanting a more dedicated workspace, a floating desk or wall-mounted workstation is a game-changer. These compact setups can be folded up when not in use, saving valuable floor space.

#5.) Maximize storage space.

In loft apartments, thinking outside the box when it comes to storage is key. Maximize storage by utilizing spaces like underneath the bed, the backside of doors, and vertical spaces throughout the apartment. Efficiently using these spaces helps keep clutter hidden and organized.

Underneath the bed is a great spot to store seasonal clothing, extra linens, or personal items that you don’t need daily access to. Installing hooks, racks, or pocket organizers on the interior of closet doors or bathroom doors is a simple way to store small items, accessories, cleaning supplies, or shoes.

In loft apartments, maximizing vertical space is key. Install shelves, wall-mounted hooks, and pegboards to keep your belongings organized and within easy reach. Whether it’s displaying decorative items or storing essentials, utilizing your vertical space is a stylish and efficient way to make the most of your square footage.

Bedroom furniture with organization space underneath at the apartments in Saint Joseph, MO?

#6.) Decorate wisely. 

The way you decorate your loft can significantly impact how spacious it feels. To create a sense of openness and airiness in your apartment, consider using light hues, such as soft pastels or neutral tones, to reflect more natural light and make your space appear larger.

Additionally, strategically placed mirrors can work wonders in making a room feel more expansive. Position mirrors on walls opposite windows to bounce light around the room, creating the illusion of depth and brightness.

Conversely, while dark walls and an abundance of wall art can add character to your loft, they may make the space feel cozier or even cramped. If you opt for darker colors or a gallery wall, balance it with ample lighting to maintain a sense of openness.

Discover Loft Living at AE Lofts

By implementing these organizing and design hacks, you can transform your loft space and enjoy a clutter-free, functional, and stylish home that perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle. If you’re looking for a unique loft space with convenient community amenities in a charming historic neighborhood, look no further than AE Lofts apartments in Saint Joseph, MO.

In addition to amenities like our club room, game room, and fitness center, residents also have access to our on-site pet amenities. We are a pet friendly community and despite our spacious loft layouts, we understand furry friends can start to feel cooped up inside. This is why we have a fenced in dog park as well as a paw spa to make exercising, playing, and grooming easy for you and your pet.

Our loft apartments in Saint Joseph, MO, offer the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality. With open-concept layouts and a range of floor plans to choose from, you can personalize your space to suit your needs and preferences. The original masonry walls, timber structure, and architectural motifs have been meticulously preserved, showcasing the rich history of our building while adding unique aesthetic touches to your apartment.

Contact us today to schedule a tour and discover the perfect loft space for you.